luv u. can't wait 4 weddin.


Just got my plane tickets and a place to rest our heads- it's ON!! So excited and happy for you two!

Jessica Jazdzewski

Honey this is awesome and i would love to come see it but i really dont think i will be able too.........Wishing you both the best of you......let me know what i can send.

ulrike frashure

What a great website! We are really looking forward to your big day. I guess I need to start planning a rehearsal dinner for you, no? Give it some thought and then CALL ME SOON to discuss type of dinner you want, how many people to plan for, etc. Can't wait!


I'm excited about this... ridiculously excited. you have dinosaurs!!! and cocktails!! and cocktails!!! and excitement!!! plus the standard hotel is one of the few things i remember from my drunken week long visit to l.a. for a branding class back in the day. so that's exciting. did i mention i'm excited? for the cocktails mostly, but i mean that ya'll are doing the whole pledging your lives together thing is pretty cool too i guess. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


I love the website! Can't wait to get prehistoric with you guys!


By God, I am going to pull this off! I haven't been further west than the Mississippi. Congrats guys!