Our Story

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Yay! We did it!

Thank you so very much to all our family and friends for supporting us and sharing this amazing day. We thank you for being a part of our wedding celebration and for the generous gift of love you continue to give us every day.

In the summer of 2007, Ashley packed her belongings into a Jetta, striking out for LA. Over the next several years, she acquired a dog, a job at a record label, a fondness for cranial accessories, the world’s best boss (herself) and a career in design she doesn’t mind getting up for every day.

A lifelong Californian, Alex ventured south to spend his formative years at the eminent universities of Los Angeles.  In graduate school, he discovered that there was a way to combine his love of the Internet and having an income, culminating in his current post in digital design. Along the way he befriended a dog, watched too much baseball and briefly owned a now famous motorcycle.

It was the typical “girl meets boy on the Internet because the two of them owned nearly identical mutant dogs” story. They would soon learn that they shared initials (ACV), taste in cars (VW), and generally complemented one another as well as two people can. From their first date at The Gold Room to their engagement at Disneyland, theirs has been a story to remember and recount. Pictures are probably easier for everyone, though.

After their nuptials, Ashley and Alex plan to honeymoon in a yet to be determined exotic locale, return to their rectilinear Encino home with their dogs and possibly (probably) get a cat.